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Artist | Varied
United States
Hi, and welcome to my userpage, which is where you have arrived since you either clicked here or typed my name in the address bar to get here. My name is Kirby, though I go by "Kirb". I'm a recent high school graduate who lives with his girlfriend in a small, boring town where nothing ever happens. I'm a brony, though my status as one is constantly changing due to the quality of the episodes. Pretty boring, eh?

Well, guys... this is it. I am finally about to review the 100th episode. This is a big milestone in MLP. Not only has this show managed to last over a hundred episodes, but this episode was also the first time an episode has received both tons of praise and huge backlash before it even aired. Though, if you count the two-parters as single episodes, then this is only the 94th episode, which is not much of a milestone, but still more episodes than Gargoyles.
This episode is called Slice of Life, an episode dedicated entirely to the background characters, which is nice, but when will we get the Pie family episode? I’ve been waiting for almost a year now to write them into Of Night and Stone, to the point where I’m almost considering writing it anyway without knowing what they’re like, but then when the episode finally does air, they’ll be different than I wrote it and I’ll be forced to slap the “Alternate Universe” tag on the story!
But I get it, it’s the 100th episode, it’s a big event, and to be honest, I’m looking forward to it. So to celebrate this milestone, I have decided to change the title of my reviews. In past years, they’ve all shared the title “Everything Wrong with” followed by the episode name. But as of today, I have decided to change it, and after many suggestions, chose the title “Brick Reviews.” So no more stalling, let’s get this episode underway.

So it starts with Matilda looking at pictures of herself and Cranky Doodle Donkey in a scrapbook, as he apparently never replaced that stupid-looking toupee.

You might want to change that, or you’ll get sued by the creators of Johnny Bravo. Also, I’m guessing that that return to the old wig in Dragon Quest was just a brief phase?

It turns out that Cranky and Matilda--one of the only truly canon couples in the show--are getting married the day after this happens, but unfortunately, the invitations got the wrong date and everypony assumes that it’s happening today.

Well, that’s what you get when you buy invitations that have no text on them and just show a bunch of blank lines! I tell you this, SOMEPONY needs to be held responsible for this!


So yeah, Derpy is finally a speaking character again! Of course, you already know this, but what you’re probably wondering is, what do I think of it? Well, I find her voice in this incarnation is adorable. It’s a great mix of the two voices that fans debated about in The Last Roundup: not sounding like a dumb blonde, but also not sounding like she’s mentally disabled. So props to DHX for that.
But Derpy wishes there was a way she could go back in time and fix all this.

Um... okay, please don’t. No. I’m sorry, I already have a hard enough time keeping track of MLP canon, I don’t want to have to know the entire history of Doctor Who just to watch my ponies!

See? Derpy agrees, she’s so bored by it that she’s switched to playing Flash Gordon!
To be fair, uh... Doctor Hooves, as I guess he’s now canonically called, doesn’t really have much to do with the actual Doctor, and the backstory he explains about him using science to explain the world around him after a traumatic experience as a foal does seem like a nice addition to his story. Don’t you agree, Derpy?

Uh, I know there’s a song called “She Blinded Me with Science,” but you’re not actually supposed to blind YOURSELF with science!

So the Doctor goes off to look for a suit, but it seems Rarity isn’t here. I would make a joke about how Tabitha St. Germain was on strike, except she also voiced Derpy, so I got nothing.
Unable to find Rarity, the Doctor asks DJ Pon-3 where to find a suit, and she takes him to the local bowling alley to find the Big Lebowski ponies, who agree to help tailor his suit if he bowls with the team as their fourth member.

And no, you haven’t accidentally swapped the episode review with a fanfiction. This is actually happening. And it is GLORIOUS. Though why does the Doctor need the Dude to tailor his suit? He’s not even wearing pants!
By the way, if you’re wondering where their usual fourth went, I’m guessing that Jesus Quintana was arrested for molesting Diamond Tiara.

Meanwhile, all the extras are all huddled up watching the main 6 talking about something, where...

...huh, so she has a speaking role, too? Well, I know at least one person who is happy about this. (Looking at you, Zephyr.)

Sweetie, what did we agree on? Leave the fourth wall breaking to Discord and Pinkie Pie.
But the other ponies speculate that it’s a monster attack, and what do you know, it IS a monster attack!


The main 6 start fighting it, but we don’t have time to watch that! We have a wedding to prepare!

The fact that they’re just shrugging the total destruction of the town like it’s nothing really says something about movies and TV these days. No joke, a building just was flattened and they act like it’s just another day? Between this and Man of Steel, what is with people being totally apathetic about their town being destroyed?
Derpy comes to the flower ponies with news that the flowers were needed today, but apparently the flower ponies overreact greatly to minor news. Oh, just say “the horror, the horror” again, Roseluck.

Maybe one more time for good measure?

Meanwhile (again), we check on the ponies who were called for the catering of the wedding and at this point it really does feel like the show writers read every MLP fanfic ever, because...

Yup, as if Make New Friends but Keep Discord didn’t have enough shipping fuel.

Oh, but wait, they’re only friends! Hah, I don’t see how anybody can make shipping from this! ...People are totally still making shipping from this.
But here’s something you’ve never seen in fanfiction.

WHOA! I mean, WHOA! The fact that she’s a secret agent in the vain of Elise from Dan Vs. is surprising enough to me, but her name isn’t actually Bon Bon?! TOTAL SHOCKER!
Seriously, though, in an episode filled with so many shout-outs to the fanbase, this entire scene feels out of place, and throws me off every time. And even Lyra is shocked by this.

But at the end of the day, they’re still best friends.

Uh, I’m not a shipper of Bon Bo--er, Sweetie Drops and Lyra, and I find it overused as hell, but you’re making it hard to take you seriously when you talk and act like a bickering couple!

But enough of that, let’s check on the Doctor to see how he’s doing.

Ooh, yikes. And enough of that too, let’s check on Matilda.

Hey, it’s that guy from “The Elements of Harmony” who appeared once and never showed up again! What’s your name again?

Ah yes, Stephen Magnet, who, according to this, appears to be just as heterosexual as Beef from Phantom of the Paradise. And yes, if you got that reference, you are, in fact, awesome.
Stephen reminds Matilda that throughout her relationship with Cranky, that all that ever mattered to him was their love, and... wait, why am I telling this again? Everybody who’s reading this has already watched the episode by now! Want me to show you something? Here’s Steve killing the mood again!

It is nice, however, that we do get to see more about the lives of the town’s only two musician ponies.

Many bronies say that, just because these two share the same house, that instantly means they’re canon lesbian lovers, but I think that’s bullshit. You guys already got Lyra and Sweetie Drops, do we really need to make more shipping from this episode? Besides, I’ve known plenty of straight women who share the same house! Though I don’t know any who drive through town on a DJ station.

Oh, context for this scene? Octavia is playing the music for the wedding and Vinyl Scratch decides to mix in some dubstep, Lindsey Sterling style. And for all the bronies saying this episode jumped the shark, well, you’re right.

Though I still prefer when Happy Days did it.

And hey, leave it to the show to finally do something with Button Mash.

Or at least a lookalike. Hey, at least he’s being put to use after the C&D on Button’s Adventures.
As the DJ station collects more and more ponies when it rides throughout town, we get this bizarre freeze-frame gag.

So THAT’S what the crew of MLP do whenever they’re not working on the show. And we also get an existential monologue from... wait for it...

Hah! So I was half-right in my last review, he IS more intelligent than the other ponies! I predict Gummy as the series finale villian.

The wedding is finally beginning, and even Princess Luna shows up to this one, probably to make up for the fact that she TOTALLY MISSED the Grand Galloping Gala! Cadance and Shining Armor also showed up, but Shining is expressing more than a little liquid pride.

Well, those and the movie Titanic. And I don’t remember him crying at his OWN wedding. If anypony should be crying, it’s Lyra, who totally just got friendzoned for like the third time today.

And yet people will still ship you two as a couple, Lyra and Sweetie... y’know what? Sweetie Drops is a stupid name, I’m still calling you Bon Bon. Just like how Derpy is credited at the end as “Muffins.” It will never catch on!
Unfortunately, in the confusion, Cranky lost his toupee, which brings up the question of why somepony can’t just cast a spell on him to make his mane grow back? If Twilight can make mustaches appear out of nowhere, then surely she can make hair regrow! It’ll do wonders on David Lee Roth! But Stephen has a temporary solution.

And then Doctor Hooves crashes into him, sending him back in time to the series premiere, which explains how he lost half his mustache, and causes him to be stuck in a permanent time loop. SOMEONE MAKE THAT A FANFIC!

You may think it’s because of all the ponies around, but Cranky is actually just really horny.

Wait, a changeling? Dude, you’re 2 seasons late! I know you were supposed to invade a wedding, but that wedding was in 2012 and was with two completely different characters!

Ha ha, Spike’s officially a background character! Serves you right for singing in Equestria Games! And why does it look less like a wedding is happening inside and more like a rave?

And Twilight finishes up the episode with some words of wisdom.

Of course, this’ll all be forgotten by season 6, when the show moves full-time to Canterlot! Boy, that’ll be a DOOZY!
And with all these shoutouts to fans, I am surprised that they COMPLETELY left out the parts where Maud Pie falls in love with Brooklyn from Gargoyles, and where Pipsqueak turns out to be a girl who has a crush on Rumble. Clearly, that is the episode’s fault.

Boy, this was sure an episode that has split the fanbase between backlash and love even before its release. No, I’m not kidding. Before the episode even came out, several fans refused to watch it because it had so much fan pandering! Yes, how dare the show give a shout-out to its fandom! And if it doesn’t, then how dare the show not care about its fanbase? See? Either way, you’re never going to please this fandom!
As for my thoughts on this episode? It was almost perfect! It is nice to see what some of the other characters in the town do, and it didn’t screw up any of my own headcanons either. The voice acting was great, the characters were funny, there was plenty of nice comedy, but the only problem I had was Bon Bon’s backstory, and even that wasn’t enough to ruin the episode for me. So all in all, I give this one a 4.5/5.
But I can’t be content to just end my review here, no, no. As an MLP reviewer, I feel a need to ask you all if you like this new name for my reviews, and then if you say you don’t like it, I’ll throw a temper tantrum, call all of you sheep and quit the fandom. Ooh, topical!


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