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United States
Hi, and welcome to my userpage, which is where you have arrived since you either clicked here or typed my name in the address bar to get here. My name is Kirby, though I go by "Kirb". I'm a junior in high school--can't wait until I'm finally allowed to leave. I live in a small, boring town where nothing ever happens. I'm a brony, though my status as one is constantly changing due to the quality of the episodes. Pretty boring, eh?
Hello, this is Kirb with another MLP episode review! I don't know about any of you other bronies out there, but I've noticed a pattern with many of the recent titles of the MLP episodes. Specifically, that they're stupid as hell. And I thought these titles couldn't get dumber than the episode title from two weeks ago, "Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3". Obviously, I was wrong. This episode is simply titled "Trade Ya!" Unless somebody is actually being traded, it's kind of dumb, and even then, it's a bad pun. All I can say is, let's find out if the episode itself is as dumb as its title.

So we open on the Rainbow Falls, where apparently a Traders Exchange is happening and that's a big deal. How do we find out about this? Pinkie explains it:
Yes! Best day ever! We're all going to the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange! And not just going – we're accompanying a princess on an official royal duty!
In any normal circumstance Pinkie wouldn't be just saying this just now, since all of the main 6 should've known about it for awhile, but she's saying this now because... I don't know, crappy exposition. Hell, maybe Pinkie is just now realizing that. I wouldn't be surprised.
But Twilight tells everybody to calm down, as a princess is usually at the exchange every year and she doesn't think anyone will notice she's there. Unfortunately...

Oh god, please tell me it won't be one of /those/ episodes. You know the ones I'm talking about, where the episode feels the need to constantly remind us that Twilight is a Princess?

It's revealed that Twilight is there to look over it to make sure everyone there gets what they want and that all trades are fair. Each of the rest of the group has also shown up so they can trade different things for other things, too. For example, Spike wants to trade a mint-condition Power Ponies comic book for another one. I'm just surprised the company distributing that comic hasn't been sued yet. I mean, those comics are dangerous!
Strangely enough, Applejack and Rarity are both seeking for rare, vintage items, and actually stick together to get some items together, even saying they're so glad to have friends like each other. I say this is strange because if you recall, Applejack and Rarity's relationship isn't exactly... well...

Really? You're just going to forget about that? Oh well, I guess they won't get into any sort of conflict within the course of the episode. No conflict at all. They'll just stay perfectly friendly towards one anoth.. okay, I'm not fooling anyone, am I?
Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash is hoping to trade one of her Daring Do books for a copy of the first one, "Daring Do and the Sapphire Statue". Wait, I thought it was called "Daring Do and the Sapphire Stone". Wait a minute! In the "Read It and Weep" episode it's called "Sapphire Stone" but it's also referred to as "Sapphire Statue"! Which one is it? Help! I'm so confused!
Also, why is Dash so excited about this book? I know it's the first copy and is sort of a collector's item, but she got to meet Daring Do in person and was even in one of her books as a character. That's like the ultimate honor. Considering that, why are you obsessing so much over one book, especially one you've already read before?
But she must not want it THAT much considering all she trades it for is her "lucky horseshoe" which clearly has some personal value but wouldn't have any value to anyone else. Hey, Dash, why don't you just claim it was Brad Pitt's lucky horseshoe or something? I mean, that tends to sell well in OUR markets.
They seem to strike a bargain, though, when the pony trading the Daring Do book agrees to trade it to Dash if she can get her a giant two-headed dog nearby. [Insert ZUUL, MUTHAFUKA, ZUUL! joke here.]

Both Applejack and Rarity find items that they want, but each will cost them all their stuff. And to make matters worse, neither pony shows much approval over the item the other one wants, so it seems these two are back to their arguing ways. And--let's be honest here--everyone saw it coming, right?
Meanwhile, Fluttershy manages to get the mutant Pound Puppy to like her, but it's owned by a pony lookalike of The Dude who only agrees to trade it for a new lamp. So they go over to a stand which is filled with Discord-shaped lamps, owned by a half-paralyzed guy who I swear must have migrated in from OC-land.

Through a long series of trades, Mr. OC only agrees to trade his lamp for an antique chicken, and the antique chicken trader will only trade for a crystal chalice, and the trader of crystal chalices will finally agree to trade for Dash's horseshoe, but only if he gets a Charizard, which can only be traded for a Mudkip, and the Mudkip trader will trade that for a Bulbasaur... and I'm aborting this joke because I know nothing about Pokemon.
In any case, Dash finally gets the crystal chalice... only for it to break in her hooves.

Meanwhile, Twilight is trying to trade away some of her old books because the library is running out of space. Pinkie stops Twilight from trading all her books to what I can only describe as a filly version of Derpy Hooves, as she insists that the trade wouldn't be fair since Twilight doesn't want the pen. To help Twilight, Pinke sets up a trading booth, trading Twilight's books as "official princess merchandise". There you go again, rubbing in the fact that Twilight is a princess. Seriously, didn't we have at least 3 episodes and a movie to talk about this?

It turns out that the guy selling antique chickens doesn't mind that the chalice is broken, as he's making a perverted broken glass mosaic. However, they then realize that Mr. OC didn't specify what type of antique chicken he wanted, and Fluttershy goes over to ask him. You know, do antique chickens really need to be that specific?
So through a short montage, we see that the main 6's friendships with each other are being put under strain by each trying to get what they wanted, and in my opinion, this is the weakest part of the episode. Why? Let me explain. In real life, I can understand how things would be stressful among friends because of what happens in this kind of situation. But in this show, the main 6 have remained friends through all kinds of situations, including life-threatening ones. This show preaches friendship above all things; hell, the title of the show is "Friendship is Magic!" So while this episode wants us to believe that all their relationships will be pushed to the edge, it's not fooling anyone because we all know that they're going to get through it in the end, so this sense that this might break the group up is undermined by that and we all know how it's going to end. But hey, what do I know since the writers are CLEARLY so inspired with their recent episodes?

So after some forced comedy routines which make me feel nostalgic for BioDome, Mr. OC gets his chicken, The Dude gets his lamp, and Dash and Fluttershy finally get the rejected dog from Harry Potter and take it to the pony selling the Daring Do books. However, they discover that she no longer wants the dog. I already used the Wa Wa joke, so let's move on.
However, they finally convince her to trade it, but only if Fluttershy comes along. Clearly not thinking, Dash trades Fluttershy for the book. I can only imagine the rabid bronies who are ready to murder Rainbow Dash for trading away Fluttershy. Remember, I'm still selling pitchforks and torches! Though now I'm also trading them!
Pinkie scares the potential traders of Twilight's books away by saying that they made Twilight the princess that she is. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that Twilight is a princess! Thanks for reminding me! </sarcasm>
However, Twilight does admit that the books mean a lot to her and she doesn't want to get rid of them anyway. That still doesn't answer the question of where you'll find the space to look at these books--oops, no time for that! Dash needs help with her problem now!
Finally, they settle the trade, with Dash partaking in this episode's Care Bears/Full House moment, and Dash gets Fluttershy and the dog back while the other pony gets the Daring Do book back. It should have been null and void anyway, as I'm pretty sure the selling, buying and trading of ponies is illegal.
In the end, they take the train ride back, Rarity gives Applejack a different pie tin than she'd wanted, Applejack gives Rarity a jewel or something, Dash trades the dog for a bird whistle for Fluttershy, Twilight gives Dash her old copy of Daring Do and the Sapphire whatever it is, and Spike is the only member of the group who gets what he wanted. The moral? If you trade things, it can potentially lead to slavery. That's why we have a set currency. USE IT!

So that was Trade Ya! And... well, as much as I pick on this episode, it is somehow enjoyable. I mean, of course, it's silly as hell, the Rarity/Applejack moments were predictable, Pinkie Pie is a psychopath, and the constant reminding that Twilight is a princess made me want to gag myself. However, I did enjoy the Dash/Fluttershy moments, which were surprisingly better than I thought they'd be, and they did well considering how much potential to suck the overall setup has. It's a guilty pleasure to say the least. I give it a 3.5/5. I thank you all for reading and I'll see you next time.


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writemaster93 Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Will you do an Honest Trailer for Rainbow Rocks?
Once it comes out and I've seen it, yes.
I'm sure if you're aware, so I'll ask. Are you aware that Hasbro released an Equestria Girls short on the Hasbro Studios Shorts YouTube channel?
Yes, but I'm not seeing it due to not wanting to spoil the movie for me.

Unless of course it's not even IN the movie, in which case I'm not seeing it due to not wanting to think of the possibility of there actually being an ongoing Equestria Girls series.
You know that Primo screwed you over by removing your reviews from the Anticorn group... what kind of friend does that?
FlyingBrickAnimation Apr 2, 2014   General Artist
I know that. He messaged me about it. I would be more pissed off about it, except I had already left the group beforehand and I wasn't even submitting my reviews to the group anymore. Maybe he shouldn't have removed the negative ones too, though.

Still seems a bit dumb that both the anticorns and the hasbronies hate me now.
Hey! why would the Anticorns dislike you? you're good
FlyingBrickAnimation Apr 8, 2014   General Artist
Because apparently my reviews aren't negative enough. Primo said so himself. It's funny because people said my first season 4 review was TOO negative. Shows I can't please 'em all.
(1 Reply)
It may seem rough but I don't think you needed those guys anyway. They were holding you back.
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